USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable - 16 FT, USB 2.0 Compatible

The Networx™ USB 3.0 Active Extension is a an effective solution for extending USB cables beyond the 16 foot limit by an actively repeating the signal down the next 16FT segment ensuring data integrity and top notch performance. Backwards Compatible with USB 2.0
RoHS compliant
Manufacturer: Networx®
GTIN: 00845425020864

The Networx™ USB 3.0 Active Extension is a great solution for extending a USB cables beyond the 16 foot limit. Unlike regular passive extensions, which can cause data loss when used at distances over 16 feet, Networx™ Active USB Extension will ensure data integrity and high-speed performance. Completely Backwards Compatible with USB 2.0.  These USB 3.0 Active Extensions CAN NOT BE DAISY-CHAINED. The built in active repeater will keep your data flowing up to USB 3.0’s 5 Gbit/s maximum. No software required. Easy plug and play installation with no configuration required. Compatible with all operating systems.

  • USB A Female
  • USB A Male
  • Length: 16 Feet
  • Backwards Compatible with USB 2.0
  • Max Speeds Up to 5Gbits/second if both devices support those speeds.
  • Unable to Daisy-Chain
Products specifications
RoHS Compliant Yes
RoHS 2 Compliant Yes
REACH 235 Compliant Yes
Manufacturer Networx®
Color Black
Length 16 FT
Connector A USB A Female
Connector B USB A Male
USB Speed 5 Gigabit per second
GTIN 00845425020864
Weight (Lbs) 0.85