Yellow Plastic Padlock Security Seal with Metal Wire - 100 Pack

Yellow Plastic Padlock Security Seals offer tamper evident security for cargo and other valuable items.
Manufacturer: Secure™ Cable Ties
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SKU: PD-87333-YW
GTIN: 00846949014742

Plastic Padlock seals offer a tamper evident solution for sealing truck trailers, containers, and various other cargo holds. They are made of high-density polypropylene with a metal wire and come pre-printed with 6 digit sequencial numbers. To use simply thread the wire hasp into the second slot of the plastic body and press the wire into the seal until it is fully engaged. Once engaged, pull back to ensure it was seated properly. Removable by wire cutters.

Products specifications
Color Yellow
Manufacturer Secure™ Cable Ties
Material Plastic
Quantity 100
SKU PD-87333-YW
GTIN 00846949014742
Weight (Lbs) 0.59