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Yellow 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing - 10FT

2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing.
Manufacturer: Secure™ Cable Ties
Heat Shrink Tubing is the perfect solution for sealing and protecting home speaker wires, car speaker wires, electrical splices, custom cable assemblies, and even arts and crafts. It is also great for organizing tangled bundles of wires and cords for a neat and tidy appearance. Heat Shrink Tubing was first designed for use with PC modding, in order to organize the interior wiring of computers and provide aesthetic appeal. These plastic, shrinkable tubes provide protection from the elements and abrasion resistance for electrical engineering wire conductors, terminals, joints and connections. Made from polyolefin, this single wall tubing shrinks when heated only in its diameter, which creates a tight seal that is both waterproof and capable of standing up to natural elements. Heat Shrink Tubing is one of the most versatile and useful necessities in anyone’s arsenal of electrical and wiring supplies. Among other things, it is most commonly used to insulate wires and cables, as well as a handy way to bundle groups of wires or cords together for a neat and tidy appearance. Since its beginning, Heat Shrink Tubing has experienced a wide variety of uses and applications. In most cases, it can easily be applied by sliding the unshrunk tubing over the wires before making the connection. Afterward, it is slid over the connection and shrunk using heat in order to form a tight seal around the joint. The most convenient and common method for applying heat to heat shrink tubing is the use of a hot air gun, however, an oven is occasionally used as well. *Using uncontrolled heat, such as the heat from a lighter, is not recommended as it may cause insulation failure, physical damage, uneven shrinkage, scorching, melting or even catching fire.*
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