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VGA Splitters 4 Way

Our VGA Video Splitter Shows the Same Image on Four Monitors at the Same Time
SKU: A885003
  • For multimedia show, demo, conference, and classroom use.
  • Supports SVGA, VGA, and multisync monitors.
  • Supports transmission distance up to 100m (328'); 50m (164') is the ideal.
  • Supports 400Mhz VGA, SVGA, and multi-sync bandwidth & up to 2048 X 1536 / 72Hz resolution.
  • Allows you to daisy chain as many monitors as you want.
  • Driver-free; Works with all operating systems.
  • Power adapter: DC9V, 500mA included.
  • One high density HDB-15 female type input connector.
  • Four high density HDB-15 female type output connectors.
  • Use a Male to Male VGA cable to connect the computer to the back of the splitter.
Products specifications
SKU A885003
Weight (Lbs) 2.36