Networx Loopback Adapter & Crossover Adapter Kit - 10 Pack

Networx® Loopback and Crossover Adapters are great tools for every network technician.
Manufacturer: Networx®
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Networx® Loopback and Crossover Adapters are great tools for every network technician. This 10 Pack will provide every IT Professional with just about every way to test and adapt cables to any situation.

A Loopback Tester is an exceedingly user friendly cable tester. Even the architecture is pretty simple. It looks like a simple plug at first glance but the compact, rugged design makes it highly portable and usable in the tightest corners. All you have to do is simply plug the Networx® loopback tester into the jack that you want to test or the one you are suspicious about. If the link LED on your switch is active, then that means that the connection is operating perfectly. These Loop back testers will make the life of a network administrator really easy. The Networx® Loop back tester will negate the necessity to carry a bulky network hub around.

The Networx® Crossover Adapter allows you to convert a classic Patch Cable into a crossover adapter for various purposes. Networx® gives you the RJ45 Gigabit Crossover adapter at the greatest price possible. The Networx® Crossover adapter is an extremely easy to use cable adapter. This compact loopback adapter is probably the quickest and most painless way to convert a standard patch cable into a crossover cable. All you have to do is plug the patch cable into the Networx® crossover adapter and then insert the adapter into the destination device, be it a router or a switch. This crossover adapter is a must have for every network technician as it totally eliminates the need to carry hefty cables around. The Networx® Crossover adapter comes with a small sturdy chain to use with a key ring or utility bag, making portability, an easy option.

  • This kit contains each of the follow adapters:
  • LB-GB45S: Gigabit RJ45 Loopback Tester
  • LB-GB45X: Gigabit RJ45 Crossover Adapter
  • LB-IBRIS: ISDN (BRI) Loopback Tester
  • LB-IPRIS: ISDN (PRI) Loopback Tester
  • LB-IPRIX: ISDN (PRI) Crossover Adapter
  • LB-RJ45R: RJ45 Rollover Adapter
  • LB-RJ45S: RJ45 Loopback Tester
  • LB-RJ45X: RJ45 Crossover Adapter
  • LB-T1E1S: T1/E1 Loopback Tester
  • LB-T1E1X: T1/E1 Crossover Adapter
Products specifications
Manufacturer Networx®
Color Blue
Connector A RJ45 Male
Connector B RJ45 Female
Package Quantity 10
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
GTIN 00845425024893
Weight (Lbs) 0.33