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FireWire Cable 15 ft - 6 to 4

Fire Wire Cables Provide High-Speed Data Transmission for High-Bandwidth Devices
SKU: FW115
  • It is "hot-pluggable" and PnP.
  • The IEEE1394 standard calls for 6 pin connectors.
  • These 6-pin connectors have two data wires and two power wires, and derive their power from the FireWire bus.
  • Sony uses a four pin data-only cable, which must derive its power from the device.
  • This cable combines the 6pin and 4pin connectors.
  • Available in 6' (2 meter) and 15' (5 meter) lengths.
Products specifications
Color Gray
Connector A FireWire 6-Pin Male
Connector B FireWire 4-pin Male
Length 15 FT
Weight (Lbs) 0.59