60 x 3 Inch Heavy Duty Black Cinch Strap - 5 Pack

Secure™ Heavy Duty Hook and Loop Cinch Straps are the best choice when needing to secure large bundles due to their simplicity, strength and versatility.
Manufacturer: Secure™ Cable Ties
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SKU: VC-HD60X30005-BK
GTIN: 00846949008673
60 x 3 Inch Heavy Duty Black Cinch Strap - 5 Pack stand out with their meticulously hand-sewn double stitching, providing unparalleled strength and grip. These straps are made using industrial-grade Hook and Loop material, ensuring a grip that outlasts standard straps. Unique to our design is the use of a robust stainless steel ring, a notable upgrade from the conventional plastic ones. This stainless steel feature doesn’t just heighten durability, but also offers excellent weather and corrosion resistance, making them perfect for outdoor applications.

Whether it's new building projects, network setups, home theaters, or office arrangements, these straps simplify even the most challenging tasks. Their adaptability extends to grouping hoses, tubes, and especially for fiber optic bundles, offering adjustability without the pinch. Available in a wide spectrum of colors and sizes, these straps make color-coding and identification effortless. With the added advantage of a rectangular ring, they deliver remarkable shear and peel strengths, ensuring resilience and longevity in various applications. For a combination of resilience, durability, and versatility, look no further than Secure™ Heavy-Duty Cinch Straps.


  • Hand-sewn double stitching for maximum strength.
  • Crafted using industrial-grade Hook and Loop material.
  • Equipped with a robust stainless steel ring for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Ideal for outdoor use, offering weather resistance.
  • Versatile applications ranging from bundling hoses to fiber optic cables.
  • Adjustable and pinch-free design.
  • Broad color and size variety for effortless color-coding and quick identification.
  • Enhanced strength with a unique rectangular ring design.
  • Superior shear and peel strengths for lasting performance.
  • Strap Material: Polypropylene
  • Hook & Loop Material: 70% Nylon 6 & 30% Polyester
Products specifications
Manufacturer Secure™ Cable Ties
Color Black
Length 60 Inch
Width 3 Inch
Style Heavy Duty Cinch Strap
Eyelet No
Shear Strength 155.1 Lbs
Peel Strength 12 Lbs
Optimal Bundle Diameter 18"
Package Quantity 5
SKU VC-HD60X30005-BK
GTIN 00846949008673
Weight (Lbs) 1.65