1000' RG6 Coaxial Cable

Bulk RG-6 CCS Conducter Coax Drop Cable
SKU: X71001
1000 foot pull box of UL listed RG6 coaxial cable can be used for digital HDTV, cable television, and satellite installations. This cable is an 18 AWG copper clad steel conductor surrounded by a foam polyethylene dielectric. Shielded by bonded aluminum foil and a 60% aluminum braid.
  • Fully Sweep Tested to 3GHz.
  • 18 AWG; 75 Ohm Copper clad steel conductor.
  • Flame Retardant Lead-Free PVC Jacket.
  • Inhibitor additive protects cable from UV damage.
  • Designed for antenna, CATV, and SATV applications.
Products specifications
Color Black
SKU X71001
Weight (Lbs) 29.00