About Us

Cables N Mor actually started (under a different name), in 1993 as a computer service and resale business located in the Washington DC metro area. Customers coming in to the shop would notice the inventory of parts we stocked for our technicians and ask to purchase them. Before long, one of our customers suggested we rent a table at a local ham radio show to sell our cables and accessories, as they were hard to find at the time (remember e-commerce was in it’s infancy then). At our first show, we sold out. In light of our success there, we began a new company, Cables N Mor, and moved on to doing computer shows throughout the mid-Atlantic region. In the meantime, the computer sales and service business fizzled out, and we began the process to offer our cables and accessories for sale on the internet.

We went live online in 1995 as Cables N Mor, Inc. We’re proud of the fact that we were one of the first computer cable and accessories dealers to sell online. The customers loved us. Finally it was easy to find and purchase computer cables and accessories. Our customers appreciated the many products (and variety of sizes) that were now available to them and the substantial savings and selection compared to the traditional brick and mortar store. Our same day shipping policy offered a quick turnaround, which was virtually unheard of at the time from a traditional mail order business.

In 2005, we moved our corporate office and distribution center to North Carolina. (We also ship from several other locations around the United States.) We continue to offer a wide variety of computer cables and accessories and have expanded our product lines to include audio visual, microphone, and instrument cables. We still offer same day shipping (some restrictions apply) and excellent customer service. And, our customers still love us.