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Picture of DVI Booster

DVI Booster

The VE560 DVI Booster allows extending the standard DVI transmission range by 50 m while maintaining high video quality. This allows placing a computer in a safe environment. The VE560 provides a mounting kit which enables you to easily mount the device o
Picture of DVI Extender with Audio

DVI Extender with Audio

The VE600A DVI Extender with Audio extends your DVI display up to 60 m away from your DVI source using Cat 5e cables. The use of Cat 5e cables provides a simple and reliable connection method that takes advantage of the wiring system in most modern office
Picture of DVI Video/Audio Extender (over CAT5)

DVI Video/Audio Extender (over CAT5)

The VE600 DVI Video Extender allows you to extend the distance between DVI source and display devices by as much as 100ft (30meters).
Picture of Mini DVI Extender

Mini DVI Extender

The VE066 Mini Cat 5 DVI Extender is a compact, convenient, and economical way to extend your DVI display.