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BNC Cable RG58 25 ft

Also Referred to as Coaxial, Thinnet, 10base2, and RG 58 Cable
SKU: N23714
MPN: AV-B58BK-025
GTIN: 00845425014344

RG58 BNC Cable is used to connect two or more of your computers to share files and printers, etc..

  • You will need a BNC network card for each computer.
  • You will also need two BNC T s and two 50Ohm Terminators.
  • You must attach a T and a Terminator to each of the end computers in order for the computer to know you are running a BNC network, otherwise, it will not see the card.
  • Available in 10', 25', 50' and 100' lengths.
Products specifications
Color Black
Connector A BNC Male
Connector B BNC Male
Length 25 FT
SKU N23714
MPN AV-B58BK-025
GTIN 00845425014344
Weight (Lbs) 0.59